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Why are some restaurants so successful? Simple: they’ve learned that proper upfront strategic planning is key. Flourishing restaurants are always known for amazing food and great service. Behind the scenes however, long before a restaurant even opens for business, there’s a lengthy list of attributes contributing to the bigger success. Sure, starting a new restaurant is a non-stop adventure. But a restaurant is also one of the toughest businesses to successfully launch. So, while passion is always the crucial driving force, a solid business plan is the necessary backbone.


Here at Surman, it starts with developing and sharing a clear understanding of what our clients’ overall development process will be: their concept, target audience, competitors, site selection, lease negotiations, project costs and schedules and required approvals – provided by a well rounded team of contractors and professionals.



Before we leap into any project, we always take a step back to get the bigger picture – to help our clients figure out where they are now, and where they’d like to end up. Our solutions are the result of taking a wide-angle look, and then asking the tough questions. It’s a broad, yet balanced approach that the Surman Group is uniquely qualified to provide. Our collective knowledge and understanding of all the moving parts help us effectively capture the Big Picture. 



Every client’s journey is different, but at Surman, one thing is always the same: we never look back. We’re constantly moving forward -- developing new paths and creating unique approaches for every project. After all, every project has its own character, set of challenges, and customer demographics. And in the end, our curiosity, innovation and solutions always lead our clients to a successful place.  



“We’ve always done it this way.” We hear it a lot from new clients. To which we ask, “But is it really the best way?” At the Surman Group, we proudly resist common, rigid thinking and consider a more flexible approach. It’s this agility that enables us to be more creative, innovative, and effective in solving problems. We get to the root of a particular issue, take ownership of our decisions, and guide our clients toward better solutions.



First impressions are lasting memories. That initial instant you experience a new brand is incredibly important. It’s especially true with restaurants. Restaurant customers simultaneously digest all sensory input to quickly shape an opinion of what you’re offering. The most successful restaurants possess a clear brand identity that is communicated on every sensory level. At the Surman Group our Design, Culinary, and Marketing Teams are in constant contact – not just communicating, but cross-pollinating to help define, develop and perfect that critical brand sense.



We like to think of ourselves as culinary cartographers. That’s why, for each client, we develop a Critical Path Map addressing the terrain, important milestones, and paths that we think should be followed (and incidentally, we don’t believe in short-cuts). We carefully evaluate our clients’ needs and deliver the solutions, strategies, and approaches required to meet them. Now, you probably think we’re just speaking figuratively, but we’re not. We really do create a map for every project. And the best part is, you can unfold it and everyone involved in the project can see exactly where they’re going.



Business owners often have a difficult time identifying their own business’s strengths and weaknesses. As relative outsiders with a fresh perspective, it’s much easier for us provide a well-rounded evaluation. That’s where our Survival Kit comes in. With it we provide a top to bottom analysis, pinpointing each of a business’s assets and potential flaws, so our clients can better understand every aspect of and potential issue related to their current business model. We’re proud to be upfront and honest with our clients, helping them to make the hard decisions that will bring about positive change.